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A Smarter Chicago Web Design Company

We craft results driven websites.

Creative Innovation

We create innovative digital solutions for your business. Passion is what drives our creativity to change the way we do web design.

Intuitive Marketing

Our Chicago in-house marketing team uses heuristics to solve the toughest challenges. Experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t, we deliver solutions.

Dedicated Support

Shkalix is a fully staffed web design agency conveniently situated in the heart of Chicago. We love creating lasting relationships.
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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Did you know that 45% of all mobile phones are smartphones, and 90% of smart devices are used to access the internet? 

Simplicity is BEAUTIFUL

The simple yet powerful design creates the perfect platform for your business. As Leonardo da Vinci once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

It Just Works!

We connect the dots to create the perfect user interface and experience (UI/UX). Ever wonder why some websites feel spot on? This does not happen by accident.

Search Marketing & Optimization

We are a simple company with a simple goal


Search Engine Marketing is both a science and an art.  Content strategy is the artsy part yet on-page optimization will always be a science.  Creating compelling content that your clients find useful and shareable is the best strategy in terms of search marketing. Quality written articles will lead to natural linking and social sharing further boosting your online presence. Each marketing campaign is always custom tailored to align with your business objectives.
Let us do a free preliminary checkpoint of your website using our in-house software. We manually analyze on-page optimization, off-page, and even social aspects of your website all for free. Since less than 2% of all website online are properly optimized, we want provide a free report on how your website is doing with no strings attached. Give it a try today and see how you can further improve your website.
Free SEO Checkpoint by Simple Sigma™

Create the perfect canvas for your business

A website is one of the most effective marketing platforms for your company

What Others Say About Us

Be our next success story

  • If I had to summarize Shkalix Web design firm in one word, it would be professionalism. I am not much of a technical person; their project manager Vlad was able to explain all the details in laymen terms to help me understand the process. Their experienced and talented team was highly responsive and has met every deadline that was set. I was amazed with service even after the website was finished.

    Teresa Retno - Principal
    Teresa Retno - PrincipalPt. GBP
  • I was very pleased with the work that Shkalix did on our new website. Their team worked closely with me every step of the way to create the perfect user experience and reflection of our company. They have the most passionate team of any firm that we previously hired, bar none.

    Peter Shubin – Marketing Director
    Peter Shubin – Marketing DirectorAndre Muti & Co.
  • Andy was one of the best people to work with. His team made sure every part of my website was perfect and fully functional. Our clients can now browse our online catalog rather than the old fashioned way of in person meetings. Within six months after project completion, I am pleased to say that the website was a major contributor of my company’s growth.

    Bruce Tanaka - Sales Manager
    Bruce Tanaka - Sales Manager

Branding Essentials

Distinguish your Company

Architecture employed

We utilize popular technologies to ensure compatibility, integration, and ease of use. Not all technologies are right for your business thus, extensive research is performed before the proper platform is selected for optimal efficiency. We support the open-source community for a more transparent environment.

Shkalix. A collaborative approach for success.